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Reverse Osmosis System 1000-3000LPH

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RO water treatment equipment adopts multi medium beforehand filter、active carbon filter and pp sediment membranes filter as beforehand filter which can wipe suspending particles、dust、particles、organic chemicals、unpleasant taste、chlorine of raw water and make sure that the raw water complies with RO inlet requirement. Then RO filter can wipe dissolvable substance、bacteria、pesticide 、heavy metal particlea as well as the carcinogen like chloroform、fluorin etc which can not be wiped out by normal treament methods.

Range of use:
Food and beverage industry、Pharmaceutical industry、Chemical Processing industry、Chrome plating industry、Water and wastewater treatment industry etc.
The capacity:200~80000LPH。
The water pump, which is the core component of this equipment, adopts Denmark's famous brand pump-Grundfos, while the reverse osmosis filter is imported from the U.S.Hydranautics company. This equipment is maintained easily and has simple structure. When the conduction of the raw water is lower than 1000us/cm, the water treated by this equipment can meet the pure water standard. It is the ideal reverse osmosis equipment for all over the world markets.

Remarks: We can use fiber-glass membrane housing、stainless steel membrane housing、fiber-glass filter tank 、stainless steel filter tank and pump & RO membrance of different brands.

Main technical standards:


JND RO1000

Capacity of pure water


Power Supply

AC220V/AC380V/415V±5% 50Hz/60Hz

RO Stage

One Stage

Desalinization Ratio


Rated Operating Pressure


Temperature of Raw Water


PH of Raw Water


Conductivity of Raw Water



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