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Automatic Empty Can Depalletizing Machine

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Automatic Empty Can Depalletizing Machine 
The automatic or semiautomatic empty can (bottle) depalletizing machine is mainly suitable for 
automatically depalletizing three-piece cans, two piece aluminum cans and glass bottles. 
The empty cans (bottles) palletized on the pallets will be pushed pile by pile to the conveyor after they are 
hoisted, and then they will be sent by multiple rows of conveyors or rotary discs to the sliding channel type 
can washing machine or automatic bottle washing machine. 
It can replace the manual can (bottle) arrangement, which has increased production efficiency. It is an 
indispensable ideal device for middle and large-sized beverage plants.

Main techniacl parameters: 

Production capacity 200~600 cans/min
Applicable can diameter 52~153mm
Applicable can height 39~170mm
Can (bottle) pushing form
automatic or manual can pushing, 
net belt conveying
Can (bottle) discharging form
can discharging changing from multiple rows of conveying
 belts into single row of conveying belts
Hoisting form automatic/Semi-automatic
Power 4kw
Dimensions 7.0m×4.0m×3.0m
Weight 2.5T


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