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Automatic Cage Loading & Unloading Machine

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Automatic  Cage Loading & Unloading Machine
Loading system
The system uses a fixed snorkel equipment for semi-automatic box;canned canning by the transport
platform to platform,from labor to equipment scraper box,filled with a layer of canned separated by 
the partition,at the same time hydraulic lift Taiwan dropped a cell for another tank,until the sterilizatio 
box fillde with so far;The system consists of a hydraulic lift platform,more than canning car(with the 
horizntal supporting pot disinfection sterilization box),a platform composed of canning.
Unloadin box system
The system uses a fixed snorkel box for semi-automatic unloading;sterilization of canned after the 
tank car from the introduction of the snorke to the Department for disposal box snorkels grid in crease,
the introduction of a layer of canned food by the conveyor belt has been sent to the packaging platform.
The system consists of a hydraulic lift platfrom,more than canning car(with the horizontal supporting pot
 disinfection sterilization box),a disposal tank platform.

Main technical standards:
Production capacity 100~400cans/Min
Power 2.95Kw(Loading)2.75Kw(Unloading)
Weight 1.1T(Loading)0.9T(Unloading)
Machine dimension



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