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Shrink Wrapping Machine JND-450A

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Product introduction

JND series of shrink wrappers are mainly used in beer, beverage, food, non-food industry such as glass and plastic bottle and box industry packing. Design aims at different model. Single lane shrink wrapper can pack 20-60 cartons per minute. And double lanes shrink wrapper can reach 90 cartons per minute.

System avantage

1.Standard design ensure high elasticity of the film.

2.Simple touch-screen operation system.

3.Siemens control system.

4.Quick start-up with complete circuit system control.

5.Low-cost maintenance.

The Prinple of Operation

1.Container Infeed

When containers are conveyed to the machine, the lane-guided infeed for special-shaped containers or the combined infeed is convenient.

2.Bottle Separation

Divide products into the required groups by servo-motor

3.Carton Infeed

By given signal, the tray or pad blanks are placed under the groups of containers.

4.Pusher Chain

Controlled by motor, it pushes the bottles into film wrapping area exactly.

5.Film Feed

Put the film into the shaft, and it is fixed tightly by air pressure.

6.Film cutting

Film is cut into the same length by the revolving knife. When color film used knife can cut the precise location of film.

7.Film Wrapping

Pusher leads the film wrapping around the products, joint at the bottom, and leads the film tightly wrap around the products by servo-motor.

8.Shrink Tunnel

Film is tightly shrunk on the products by hot air.

Temperature can be quickly adjusted to reach the perfect effect.

Main Technical Standards




AC380V 50/60HZ

Packing Speed


Pack type

film/pad film/tray film


diameter:50-110mm height:70-360mm


length:200-530mm width:110-350mm height:70-360mm

Pad size

corrugated cardboard blanks: 3mm thickness


material :LDPE thickness:30-100um

max: film reel diameter:500mm film reel core diameter:76mm

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