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pH meter PHSJ-4A

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1. Blue screen & LCD displaying;
2. Automatic and manual temperature compensation, automatic calibration and automatic calculation of percentage theoretical slope of electrodes;
3. Measurement results can be stored, deleted, searched and printed. It can store 50 sets of measurement data;
4. Protection from electricity cutting off.;
5. One point or two points automatic calibration can be conducted on the meter with five types of pH buffer solution selected by users within the temperature range of 0-60℃;
6. With RS-232 interface for connecting TP-16 printer using DC 1.0 software of data-collection to communicate with computers;
7. Users can measure the pH value of ultra-pure water, pure water and boiler water through adjustment of equipotential point to select special electrodes.
1. Measurement range : pH: (0.000~14.000)pH
mV: (-1999.9~1999.9)mV
Temp.: (-5.0~105.0) ℃
2. Resolution: pH:0.001 pH, 0.01pH, 0.1pH
mV:0.1 mV
Temp.: 0.1 ℃
3. Accuracy pH: ±0.005pH±ibit
mV: ±0.2mV(in the range of ±399.9mV) ±1bit
or ±0.03%(FS)(in the other range) ±1bit
Temp.: ±0.3 ℃±1bit
4. Input impedance:3x 10 12 Ω
5. Stability: ±0.005pH ±1bit/3h
6. Temperature compensation range: -5~105.0℃
7. The temperature of the measured solution:5~60℃
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